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Which Energy - Compare Electricity Gas and Renewable Energy Prices - Which Energy


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Energy Efficiency

Sun, Sun, Sun!

Solar energy comes from the sun. The sun is a renewable resource that civilizations have depended on for centuries.

Even back to the ancient Egyptians and North American Indian tribes, the sun was worshipped because they believed that everything came from the sun.

With the recession going at a steady rate and constantly affecting global finances, we are prompted to explore more ways to cut cost and employ austerity measures to make the most out of our resources.

We even take a second look at our monthly expenses and eliminate things or activities we can live without, like the regular visit to the spa or replacing our old mobile phone with the chic blackberry. Unfortunately, there are some things we cannot do away without and one of these is electricity.

Have you ever wondered why your energy bills never seem to go down?

You buy the latest energy saving product, like compact fluorescent bulbs, or turn down your thermostat like every energy saving tip seems to suggest, but your energy costs never seem to decrease all that much.

When we talk about renewable energy we are referring to power that delivers energy from resources that will not be depleted because of our use of them.

When deciding which energy is best it is helpful to know that renewable energy is an alternative to non-renewable fossil fuel energy for reasons other than the factor of non-depletion.

The good news is that you could cut the cost of these increases in half by being more energy efficient and switching to the cheapest energy supplier.


Apply these energy saving tips and you could save hundreds of pounds in lower energy bills every year.

1. Shop around for your energy...

If you have never switched your energy supplier you could save up to £270 by changing to a new company. You can compare all UK energy providers for free by using an online price comparison