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A List of Renewable Energy Sources - Which Energy is the Best? - Which Energy


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While the whole world relies on coal, oil, and natural gas and it has done so every since man has developed drilling technology to make those energy sources available.

The hazards of these fossil fuels are also well documented. Most of the informed world knows that carbon dioxide emissions that come from fossil fuels is the number one contributor of greenhouse gases that are royally hosing up our environment.

The Carbon Dioxide emissions create the greenhouse gases and those gases trap heat in the atmosphere and causes the effects of global warming to increase.

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And to only compound the problem, fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources. This means that we have conditioned ourselves to be dependent on fuels that will eventually run out. What we need to do is look to the future and the list of renewable energy sources that are at our fingertips right now. There are clean and naturally replenished alternatives to fossil fuels.

Energy comes from the sun, wind, ground heat, water, and biomass and that energy is actually available right now to us all. The best part is that these energies are totally renewable and they are also environmentally friendly. Meaning that the use of them does not do damage to the environment such as emitting greenhouse gasses.

1. Solar Energy- The sun is extremely powerful and the originator of all the energy the earth has. In fact, many human cultures have even worshiped the sun because our ancient ancestors also realized its importance. Solar Technology has been developed for quite some time. And finally, solar panels and photovoltaic cells are renewable energy sources being used to extract sun's heat to power generators that provide electricity to several households.

2. Wind Power - Another energy that has taken a strong foothold is wind power. Wind has allowed seafarers the ability to travel the world and exchange goods globally for hundreds of years. In the modern days, farmers use wind to grind grains and pump water through windmills. And recently, wind turbine farms are now a source of electricity across the globe.

3. Hydroelectric Power - Water flow creates a lot of force as it flows from higher elevations down to lower elevations. The cycle of evaporation and precipitation ensures that this source of energy is replenished automatically. The energy released is captured by generators and turbines which results in electricity for thousands of homes every day. This technology is in place in dams throughout the world.

4. Biomass Energy - Biomass comes from organic compounds and it is converted to electricity and consumable fuel. Wood, food crops, corn, and sugar cane are all examples of biodegradable renewable energy sources sources. Biogas seems to be the leading alternative to such fossil fuels as oil and natural gas.