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Electricity Price Comparison Leading to Cheaper Electricity Bills - Which Energy


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How do you use less gas and electricity and consequently reduce your gas and electricity bills?

Well the most simple and easiest way to save on electricity bills is to simply use less electricity or gas. There are quite a few ways of reducing your energy usage and the good thing about being energy efficient in this way is that you not only save money but you are helping the environment at the same time. So after deciding which energy source is best for your needs learn how to use it sparingly!

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How can you reduce energy usage in your home? Well, firstly you can make your home more energy efficient which means for example when heating a room you waste less energy by it escaping through the roof, walls and windows. These changes will make a positive impact on your home energy use for the future years. There are also government grants available in order to make your home more energy efficient. You can also do simple daily tasks which lead to energy efficiency such as:

  • Keep the doors closed
  • Don't leave the TV on, switch the lights off when not in the room.
  • Turn appliances off at the main switch, for example with a TV don't use the standby button.
  • Fill the kettle with enough water for the number of drinks you are making.

You can also use energy comparison sites to get a good idea of energy price comparisons and consequently the best deal and which energy source is best for you. I have explained how to use energy price comparison sites in previous articles. However, what I haven't previously explained is that when using comparison sites the best savings are made when you opt for online billing, this is because it cuts costs for energy companies and is good for the environment as it is paperless.

Be careful of gas and electricity agents who do not represent the whole market - In general terms salespeople you see in shopping centres and supermarkets normally work for a single energy supplier, which means they would only give you prices from that one supplier. Yes, you may be able to make savings compared to your current tariff, but you may find that you can make a much larger saving when you compare every gas and electricity tariff available using energy price comparison sites to decide which energy supplier is offering the best deal.

Using the methods above you can reduce gas bills and save on electricity bills by just being more aware. Once you have done this you can save further by making sure you are on the cheapest energy tariff!

Get a free quote now! See how much you can save if you switch electricity and gas supplier, check all tariffs before deciding which energy company best suits your requirements. Remember online billing is the cheapest as it cuts costs for energy companies and is also good for the environment as it is paperless!