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Increase Your Home's Comfort and Efficiency With Solar Energy - Which Energy


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Sun, Sun, Sun!

Solar energy comes from the sun. The sun is a renewable resource that civilizations have depended on for centuries.

Even back to the ancient Egyptians and North American Indian tribes, the sun was worshipped because they believed that everything came from the sun.

The sun can provide energy for small things like growing plants, to massive needs like contributing up to 70% of a hotels' power. Taking advantage of the sun's energy is ideal as it will never run out. It is everywhere around the world and does not pollute or disturb the environment. This type of energy is one of the "greenest" forms of energy out there-- now that would be a great addition to any home.

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How Solar Energy Works

Solar panels and photovoltaic cells are the two forms in which energy from the sun is captured. Solar panels capture the sun's heat and use it for water heating or space heating. Photovoltaic cells convert the sun's rays directly into electricity.

Both methods of capturing solar energy are effective and energy efficient. Investing in energy from the sun is definitely valuable, as it works excellently for heating water, spaces, and providing electricity.

Benefits of Solar Energy

• Renewable energy, as the sun will never go away
• Production doesn't create unnecessary noises
• Can be collected anywhere in the world
• May warrant governmental tax credits and incentives
• Does not cause pollution
• Can be collected locally, no need for outsource
• Simple installation: solar panels or photovoltaic cells
• Supports national energy independence

Where to put Solar Panels

Solar energy is usually harnessed using solar panels that are installed on a home's roof. They are most effective when placed somewhere that receives the maximum amount of sunlight.

Solar panels can also be installed on pole mounts or flush mounts. The cheapest way to mount solar panels is by flush mounts on your roof. These mounts hold the solar panel slightly above the roof's surface so that there is ample air flow underneath it and it doesn't get too hot.

Pole mounts can be placed in fields, on telephone poles, or utility poles. There are also pole mounts that track where the sun is so that it is exposed to the greatest amount of sunlight at all times. By installing this type of solar panel you are able to increase the amount of solar energy you retain.


Solar energy is a great thing to grab hold of and use within your home. It is definitely something worth looking into and investing in so that you can save money on your utility bills and on the energy you use. Using solar energy through solar panels or photovoltaic cells is energy efficient, makes no noise, and is the future of electricity and heating.

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