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Which Energy helps consumers compare all electricity, gas and renewable energy prices from all major UK energy suppliers to help you save money on energy bills. We're part of the Conserve Energy Group.

Comparing home energy prices and suppliers has never been easier and with this FREE service you can easily calculate how much you can save and then securely arrange the transfer.

**At least 10% of customers using our service saved an average of £347.00 over the last 12 months (1st April 2011 - 1st May 2012). All other customers using our service on average saved £171.37. The maximum saving was £13,516.00

While the whole world relies on coal, oil, and natural gas and it has done so every since man has developed drilling technology to make those energy sources available.

The hazards of these fossil fuels are also well documented. Most of the informed world knows that carbon dioxide emissions that come from fossil fuels is the number one contributor of greenhouse gases that are royally hosing up our environment.

Which energy supplier to choose when there are over 20 different major gas and electricity suppliers in Britain?

They all offer a range of tariffs, from cheap deals to ones that help you go green, but it's fair to say that six of them in particular dominate the energy market.

British Gas
British Gas is the leading energy provider in the UK, supplying over 11,000,000 homes with gas and over six million homes with electricity. The company is part of Centrica plc; a UK quoted

With so many gas and electricity companies now available, it's no wonder most people choose to stay with the same one they've had for years - finding a new supplier is scary, time-consuming, and above all, confusing.

So how can you find out which energy company is right for you?

I should switch to the most popular! - You could, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the cheapest for you. Different packages work for different people. You're best getting a tailor-made package.

Global energy prices have risen so much recently people are now using any means possible to lower the burden of whopping energy bills.

Increased competition in the energy market means that one of the most simple and effective tactics is to which energy companies are best and then to change energy supplier.

Households across the world are starting to notice the effect of recent energy price rises on monthly budgets. In some countries, industry figures have shown that wholesale gas prices have increased by more than 70 per cent in 2008 alone.